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Kids, I walked in on a lot of crazy stuff at the old apartment over the years. 

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Kanashimi no ame ga furi tomanai nara,
boku ga kasa wo sasuyo kimi no tonari de

"If the rain of sadness won’t stop, I’ll open up an umbrella beside you. "

— Avelcain - I.D

it annoys me that my listening comprehension in japanese is so bad compared to reading and writing ;_; i dont understand so much when listening to music etc.. but I can understand reading the lrics

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indie punk | Tumblr on We Heart It.


indie punk | Tumblr on We Heart It.

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be careful


置く - oku - to put, to place, to set [an object] down
多く - ooku - many, a lot, over in amount, too much

一緒 - issho - together, at the same time
一生 - isshou - for life

病院 - byouin - hospital
美容院 - biyouin - beauty salon

地図 - chizu - map
チーズ - chiizu - cheese

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